Monday, February 20

In a box people call car.

i made an attempt to communicate with other drivers when i was stucked in a traffic jam in mrr2 with the rate of an inch every 5 minutes. if you are observant enough people actually do a lot of things in the car especially when we are all rushing to work each morning. while some other drivers stuffed on tuna/egg sandwich commencing the long day, i put on eyeliner and blusher at the traffic light. some was on the phone prolly with their sweethearts whiffing good morning wishes or perhaps with the bosses giving orders "oh what a bad way to kick off the day".

car is a moving solo-karaoke box to me stripping off all the complexities and issues in which i turned into a superstar given any genre from hiphop r&b rock to pop ;sans the fans. could be a moving-party box too when squeezed in are friends in a roadtrip like one trip i had in miami with girlfriends singing down from jay sean. we had a record taped where everyone go wild lip-singing the song in our 4wd in the coastal town.

there was a night when i was on my way from putrajaya to kajang that from the rear-view mirror i could see a couple make love in the car while stopping at a traffic light. the girl was driving while the guy lustfully sucking her sugared nipples, kissing the lips and cheek. i was driving alone listening to jessie j on red and at times like that i wish i'm married i'm no kidding.

things happened in a box people call car.