Tuesday, January 24

Alma Mater

time flies when you are amused and consumed.

four years ago i had long hair when i started my university years in the states. on the first night there i was trying to digest the fact that i'm going to be away from all the good food friends and family. i was in a small stuffy room and couldn't get over the bareness of the wall while fighting jetlag. the light was dim that i could be mistaken as a ghost if i stood in front of the mirror. funny how 1428409235794767946 people exist in the world and you still feel lonely. things eventually got better afterwards.

i hated the stress of having to complete the assignments but i love my school. i found bestfriends. i found someone who i can trust. i found closest friend who i can talk about anything during the long winding trip between workplace and home. i know where to get good food and where to go if i ever needed solace. i build my passion in running and reading. i got the best lab partner ever.

on the last night in my university, i took a stroll along the downtown with my roommate and we had sushi afterwards as our last dinner in happy valley. despite torrents of mishaps and unfortunate events that were pelted throughout those years, it made who i am today. yesterday a close friend said that our university years are like dreams. i silently agree with that; the yellowish brownish leaves fallen from trees in the fall, the dreamy snow and the hardships of becoming immigrant was once a dream, perhaps the one that came true. old times.

talking about the old times, i kinda miss my lab partner.

how are you doing darling?