Thursday, December 1

Moves Like Jagger

as of now, i'm committing a nomadic life. i don't have a proper space yet where i can proudly called a place. my clothes, shoes and jeans are all over, sometimes were squeezed in my car boot-the quick fix solution to my closet-less. i'm no longer in a tower next to ikea. truth to be told i can hardly keep up with my own life as it changes/moves rapidly like how fast cells divide and grow uncontrollably to form malignant tumors. there are so many things happened in the last quarter of my two thousand eleven. i wish we could find some time to sit and just talk and talk.

other than that, i'm seeking the solace of my new working environment, in which currently under the same building with our prime minister. it's pretty much too early to say anything. on the other note, these days i miss having my workout routines; the luxury of having the facilities and time to run or cycle and sweat. one of the songs that i always listen to whenever i hit the treadmill is waiting for the end from linkin park. never fail to keep me going.

right now, i'm staring blankly at my name tag and thinking of places to go for a holiday, what to eat for lunch, january, apartment hunting, how Aaron Aziz can be so magnetizing, why the pace in this office is slow, tonight's plan and yada yada.

well the things you think about on a Friday morning.