Wednesday, September 21

A little Insight

it didn't start with a proper introduction like hello as it was all very much impromptu. i wish i can exchange my mind with a lawyer so i would think fast and give reasoning accurately. makes me wonder how lawyers think. in the meeting room we were forced (required would be a better word) to think (out of the box most of the time) for five hours half of that was done while standing. if it was something continuous, i would've appreciate the littlest form of happiness like a candy bar more often. so i was questioned like a murderer in the jail, okay that might sound scary. maybe more like when you're in a debate team and your team is about to lose and you try to defend the team with your baseless arguments. given you had no precise information and had to make up some facts. easy win for the opponents. that's just a little insight of what happened last few days. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. i hope fate won't be that cruel though.