Tuesday, August 16

Straight Forward

five years ago, i mulled over the events of choosing my after-school path. i was in dilemma to go for petronas or jpa scholarship and there i went asking the only one which one's better through istikharah and there he replied by giving me the visions. i figured the signs were quite vivid through the dreams of me registered as a student, carrying a bag with a large petronas logo printed on it. in the meantime, i have a strong feeling to go for the latter so there i went against the sign. decisions made even i know i don't have a heart in biology but the 18 years old me begged for a try. if the dreams i had that night was really the sign from him, i'd like to see where the other path will lead me to. talking about perhaps,i'll work in the twin towers.

sometimes i wonder how to read the signs given from him. some says from the dreams while others say from the gut that tells. it is confusing reading the message from your dreams. sometimes you remember the details, sometimes you don't. sometimes it's vivid like the full moon in the dark night, other times it's hazy like a foggy morning.

this time, i mulled over the events of choosing a career path. living with fake passion isn't a good idea. they say you got two options; try to convert your fake passion into a real one, or quit and try something else. i'm about to commit the latter. unlike five years ago, i'm gonna let him lead this time.