Wednesday, August 3

Simple Living

i lied about getting converse shoes for the first paycheck. i made an attempt but i bought a book instead; The Walk from Richard Paul Evans and read almost half of it while waiting for my late night Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in front of an untouched cheese cake. it's a good book triggering mind on what to do if you lost almost everything at one time. go read.

on the approach of august, my mornings became unusual. i took the road less traveled, i chose to go against concentration gradient. i sprawled across the floor effortlessly, busy catching train no more. no longer dragged myself out of bed, pants-less. only panties would do then i listened to adele and danced to katy perry, aimlessly walked on air with john mayer and chris martin. then i tweeted then i talked on the phone then i drank minerals then i went out for a date then i watched movies then i met some friends then i shopped then i wrote. it is a temporary heaven. living life like this for a short period of time is orgasmic;it doesn't last long but ze feeling is inexplicably sensational.