Wednesday, July 20

Of Pants and Blazer.

this is where i go everyday for the past one month. i'm now an official train zombie, commuting by lrt to work. working doesn't feel like it is when you're in a team with cool & happening colleagues. lame, first day was always the hardest and ironically i'm planning of getting a grey converse shoes for my first paycheck, not that i'm going to wear that to work.

hell yes there's a turbulence of changes in my life for the past one month. finding a nest to nestle was prolly the hardest thing. i'm that close to giving up. thank you to all of the beautiful souls that helped. praise to god now that everything fall slowly into places. my words, don't be afraid of making moves in your life cause along the way, god will let you meet with all those amazing, kind hearted people to ease your way.