Tuesday, June 21

Party in My Head

was browsing through the newspaper this morning and saw Scha-Alyahya, the Malaysian local actress with her accessories booth something called Schapaholic? i don't know if it's from her personal collection or just something re-branding. i was like, damn it's fucking easy for her, or any other celebrities for that matter- to change into a whole new career prospect in a split second and make huge profits. one day you can be an actress and the next year, you'll be a restaurant owner, or a fashion designer, model, singer, spokesperson, chef ; all are interchangeable at one time. all you gotta do is just hit up the glamorous world and bing! all of your ambitions when you're at 10 or 15 will fall right in front of your eyes.

who says life's fair? if i were a celebrity in Hollywood, let's say an actress, i'd design clothes. who cares if i don't have a degree in fashion from Paris or Milan? nobody will question. wearing me is something my fans would be proud of. next, i'd come up with my own line of perfumes and name them as Cherry Bomb, Flirty Daisy or Vanilla High. who cares if the names sound wrong or cheap? all they care is wanting to smell like me. i'd prolly open a restaurant or a cafe and sell cute cupcakes for 3 dollar or rm5 each along with the napkin and my signature on it to my first 100 fans/customers or i would prolly come up with a cooking book, despite my lack of knowledge in cooking.

i would surely be having the time of my life changing professions i could ever imagine. fuck all the degree, certificates or experiences.that's basically what you got behind a big name.

alas, i'm nobody.