Sunday, June 19


if there is one thing i miss lately is the absence of stress and workloads. few months back when i was struggling with chemistry lab and reports, the thought of missing them someday sometimes came into mind. i'm not crazy, of course i don't wish them to happen now. missing happened when you acknowledge the absence, whether you want it back in your life is a whole different story. i'd love to have them back but frankly speaking, this is just not the right time. i like how the assignments, tests and reports governed my life when i was a student. damn i felt old typing "was a student".

so i reminisced. the whole idea of reminiscing made me a time traveler. when i reminisced, it's like i'm trapped in a cocoon and floated up into the atmosphere. when the cocoon explode and burst from every angle, i stood back into reality thankful for not being naked unlike any other time traveler. on the other note, despite not being a student, i haven't had enough time to write here. well that's what happened when your real life is much more interesting than a cyberspace.