Sunday, April 10

Turning point.

i used to read somewhere that the advantage of having a tower in a hustle and bustle city is to guide/prevent tourists from being lost. the idea is when you're lost in the city, you just have to walk to the tower and start your journey again. it's like the starting point for many lost tourists.

tower to me is a symbolic of hope. there's one night when i was in a train ride in Paris and felt very inspired looking at the lights coming from Eiffel. i was blown away by the sight. the sparks bring hope and there are countless time i felt very motivated by just looking at it. if i made a good living one day, i would like to have a house in the city overlooking the tower; if that's what gonna keep me going each day.

i owe the train ride to Paris a thank you note and i owe the man sitting next to me at that moment a future. the combination of both makes Paris appeared so magical to me. or maybe it's not the city, it's what happened in the city that count. let me tell you what happened. well, have you ever come across the moment when you thought to yourself, and figured your turning point? like you know, this is it. and suddenly you realize your whole vision changed? it's in the city, where i figured my turning point.

paris to me is not romantic. it's inspiring and very sensational.