Saturday, March 19


realization hits you at strange moments; when you're ordering your frappuccino at starbucks, when you've been busy hanging out with friends, when you're at mcdonalds or in a toilet. this thing that i got in my mind isn't what i planned for. two months to graduation, i think i started to see, or at least know and realize what i want in my life.

i'm in no hurry for a job. i don't want to wake up early and go to work, get the job done, go home for some sleep and wake up again for another loop of god knows for how many years with a paycheck that's not worth your job at the end of every month. having to wake up early is not the issue. it's what you got for what you've worked for that i'm talking here. a car and a house come along the way with debts. then you'll be in a rat chase waiting for paycheck every month just to pay the bills and some leftover for food and clothes. same thing again. it's like a dot where you draw a circle. endless. in the end, ask yourself is it worth it. well if you read "Rich Dad,Poor Dad", you know what i'm trying to convey here. if you haven't, you might want to start read it today. it's a good book.

enough of talking about what's after graduation as everybody have their own plans anyway. but i will never stop to say that i'm stoked to graduate. so long biology, hello new life slash reality.i feel like a newborn.

"if you want to succeed at anything, you must give it your everything"- Vince Lombardi