Thursday, March 24

The power of believing

two weeks immediately upon the arrival of winter, i discovered her through jar of hearts and for the past few weeks, i've been listening to arms, heart for sale, bluebird, i will and tragedy. then i discovered that she writes. reading her, i found she's very inspiring. she made her dreams came true. jar of hearts went platinum.

"one year ago today i was in philadelphia. i was visiting my parents for christmas. i had a plane ticket back to los angeles on the 5th of january and no reason to go. i had no job in LA. not a cent in my bank account. not an ounce of motivation."

"but then something happened.everything on my list came true. was it because i was in the right places at the right times and knew the right people who directed me to the other right people? i dont know.was it because i was broke out of 'safe' and went back to the scary land where i had no idea what was going to happen, but believed that i was going to be okay? i dont know. was it because i did everything everyone suggested i do, because what i had to lose? i dont know. was it fate? pre-destined? or just luck?"

i will never know.

but what i DO know is that i made a list.
i said it, i wrote it, and i believed it.

-via Christina Perri.