Friday, February 11

What's in your pocket?

that's the figure of my steam distillation set-up i drew while i was bored to death waiting for my cloves to distillate. everything is out of proportion. i never thought i finally said this but i'm stoked to graduate. i just want to get over this even when i know i'm going to miss college life.

i came home today unmotivated. lucky i got few fluffy pillows i can chew when times like that popped. haven't you heard fluffy furs can absorb stress. i guess that's the logic behind the relationship of human,cats and dogs. i did a lot of thinking lately. stuff that hits you upon graduation. things like that. i want my life not to be just a collection of tedious hours. i want to breath, to live. i got plans in my handbag but you know plan is just a plan until you make the move.

and that's what excruciating me. the move.