Tuesday, February 8

What happened in a bedroom

i should've sleep by now. it's almost 3am and i've class at 8 the next morning. my whole life, i don't like the idea of going to sleep. it makes me stiff and tangle on a rectangle space human being called bed. i wish my bed is spinning, just like the bed in the future room in Blue Valentine. the bed looks fun though despite the air of coldness blown by Michelle Williams. if i were her, i would've jump on the bed the moment i open the door.

i like the idea of falling asleep. falling asleep happens for you, unplanned as opposed to going to bed. it is sleeping while you're watching Man vs Food, on a sofa on a Saturday evening, in a train ride from Manhattan to New Jersey, on a phone call with a boyfriend, in a flight from New York to Monaco. falling asleep is sleeping until you wake up to the sound of your roomate's Metal playlist or to the sun that's assaulting your eyes and raping your cheek.

going to bed requires mental readiness. it's fake as you force your body to slumber and it didn't just happened. it happened because you make it happen.waking up to an alarm clock is no fun. i'm not a fan. but my alarm's going to ring at 7am anyway. guess i'm going to wake up sleepy and fall asleep in my chemistry class. hope you fall asleep well tonight.