Wednesday, January 12

As for now.

two thousand ten was a bowl of salad mixed with pecans, spring mix, cranberries and eggs topped with italian dressing. a little bit of everything which i favor and i don't but still taste good. it had a great ending i must say but when january 1st approached, i was mentally not ready for a new year. i figured new year is basically just a point where people make new resolutions, towards better of course and that's it. well that's just my whole definition of new year.

this year is about hardcore independent i believe. when june approaches, i'll be out of my comfort zone and that's when reality will start to kick in. my last semester here in penn state started this week and i'm slowly gearing up for it. i started working again, at a new place. i like this place more than the previous one for no specific reason.

i only have classes on tuesday and thursday,stay in the same apartment with the same roomates,still go to the gym to kill my free time.

so that's about it.