Friday, January 28

Ain't mine, might be yours.

i stopped at a traffic light. he was driving behind me and from the rear mirror, i could see that he was laughing. he must have had a good time and that was the first time i saw him together with her.

i've known him forever. she might not know how he didn't favor coffee for breakfast. i know how he always like the idea of getting up early and stand in the balcony just for a sip of the fresh morning air, how he would hang his every single clothes according to the color. he's detailed like that. in my defense, i'd say she might not know cause she's someone new.if i were in a liquid form, i would probably evaporated right at that time.

we were just fine. the last time i saw him, he left a note on my table. "people say you don't know what you've got till it's gone. Truth is, you knew what you had. You just thought you'd never lose it."; his own way of saying me taking things for granted, taking him for granted. My own way of saying he's seeing someone else.

when the lights turned green, i took a right turn. he drove straight.

his happiness now feels like a betrayal.