Friday, December 10

Milky Way

i have never had a hard time writing an entry as i do now.

it was snowing last night and in the morning, i was greeted with a white-canvas view outside my apartment window. i like snow only for the first few days when they're still white. they're undeniably beautiful but when i got three months of them where they eventually started to turn grey and slippery, that's when i know i had enough.

i haven't told you anything about Boston, the largest city in Massachusetts, the city i visited last few weeks. we went to Quincy Market which reminded me of pasar malam that the only difference is it's inside a building and of course the price, which in dollar. we walked towards the end of the market twice contemplating on what to eat due to huge choices of food. that's a brief of quincy.

what i remember most about the city was its amazing view from MIT across Charles River. we went to the harbor at dusk when the sun was about to set and it was the most memorable urban sunset watching ever, if there's such a term. one night on the trip, we were dining at a KFC in Brooklyn and i finished off three chicken in a row unsure if i was that hungry or the chicken tasted so good or if it's just me being greedy since it felt so long since i ate a fried chicken. one day we drove all the way from New Jersey to Philly just for a lunch at Warong Surabaya, an Indonesian restaurant and had turkey on thanksgiving eve followed by teh tarik and abc few hours later at Banana Leaf, a Malaysian restaurant.

i figured my appetite increase while traveling.