Thursday, November 18

What makes you a fighter.

you know you're a fighter when in the small hours of dusk, you return to the arms of your creator. you know you're a fighter when, upon seeing an ex-lover with someone else, you're not envious for the happiness they embrace. you let go all the unnecessary grudges that you might hold for years. you know you're a fighter when you go to your early morning class every single day during winter, even when it's snowing hard.

i believe you're a fighter but maybe along the way, you forget that you're born that way. while staring out in the darkness, you wonder why it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to be. you wonder where you did wrong. you started losing hope. you felt small. bad. useless.

at times like that, remind yourself that once upon a time, when the sun was still shining and the skies were way clearer, you had won this. you had felt the glory. it's okay if there's thunder, or rain sometimes. cause somehow, somewhere along the way you may see rainbow's waiting that despite all the flaws and unfortunate events, you manage to stand strong. as cliche as it sounds, that's the ugly truth.

i know you're a fighter cause you have no idea how you've become my pillar, my anchor, my strength, my hope and you have no idea how your existence in this world blow my whole universe.

please don't give up.