Monday, November 8


How old you gotta be before you can be considered as a grown up? is it at 18 when you start moving out of the house? at 22 when you finish your education or at 23 or 24 when you start getting a job and pay your own bills? or at a point when you get married?

i've been pondering about this for quite sometime. maybe it's at a point when you can take a decision without having to think too much of the risks you're gonna take. or at a point where you can show your parents that you're responsible and are able to handle more freedom.

now that i hit 22; i live on my own, i pay my own bills, i buy my own groceries, i clean my own apartment. i figured i'd like to give myself permission to seek more freedom. to hop onto a plane and go to places i always wanted to go. to travel and not to worry about the future. cause i know, sometimes i gotta let loose once in while. rigid is boring. sounds simple, i wish it is.

i will regret the chances i don't take,the places i choose not to go,the love i don't fight enough, just because i am a firm believer of karma.hell yeah it sucks.