Sunday, October 24


everyone must've experienced this; losing focus when your bladder is about to erupt.

the climax of paranormal activity 2 was just at the same time with the maximum capacity of my bladder. and i was sitting in the middle, uppermost row in the cinema. i swear it was such a distraction. pee in the pants while watching scary movies? oh please.

personally. the sequel was better, packed with actions and suspense. some tricks were just repetitions from the first like how bedroom door suddenly moved by itself but some new tricks were added too, so it's kinda exciting. the twist they made to create a connection between paranormal 1 and 2 somehow amazed me.

tapi cerita hantu jenis begini gagal buat saya rasa takut pada skala yang hebat. mungkin sebab saya jenis yang tengok cerita hantu yang nampak rupa bentuk muka segala tentang hantu itu baru rasa takut.

so that was my friday, an escape from bad traffic that dominates my schedule.