Wednesday, October 13

Life Itinerary

Friday: Suddenly felt like having a tattoo just like Russell Brand who got a Sanskrit inking under his arm which read Anuugacchati Pravaha, meaning 'Go with the flow'. Mine would prolly be 'Live Strong' at lower back of my waist or on my wrist.

Sabtu hari malas, hari main-main. Filled up the fridge with food and it looked like it's going to explode. Happy.

Plain Sunday

Monday was a busy day. i was running around the clock with 2 exams. Done for the day only at 9, at night.

Tuesday: kepada kamu yang tinggalnya hampir separuh diameter bumi dari saya, you didn't know how your tender care blew my whole universe, albeit how lousy i am as a partner.

Wednesday, my yoga instructor said something i thought was spiritually beautiful. "May i be safe, May i be happy, May i be healthy, May i live in peace". As we breath in and out, inhale ease, exhale all the pain and difficulties. No doubt yoga is great for soul therapy.

as i'm writing this down, i silently whisper them in my heart. i hope you too.