Thursday, October 21


the past few weeks, i've been at the lab working on protein expression analysis. the lab was fun because of the people, other than that it was just blergh. my teammates were those crazy heads who played with almost everything including pipette and went crazy taking pictures while waiting for the incubation.

came to think of it, i'd say people you see on a daily basis, or people whom you hang out or work with influenced you in so many ways you might not realize. i have a mixed feeling with working alone in the lab, or having to live alone. i love the solitude it offers but the loneliness that creeps on me is sometimes unbearable.

the detail sound of little things become something major; like the sound of water tapping from the bathroom, people walking on the hallway, or even the sound of bees mating. you hear everything you didn't hear with a partner.

and silence becomes a noise that will never end.