Tuesday, September 14

Left on my birthday.

i am being cliche. i wish i had more time to be with you. i started thinking the best thing about you. the moment when you favored me than the rest.

that's the thing when someone dies, cliche things happened. you wish you had spent more time, you started thinking of the best thing about the person, you remember the moment when the person favored you than the rest. i know i am being all cliche.

my grandma was sent to meet God last evening, on the day i turned 22. the last time i met her when i was about to leave Malaysia. i was in rush. i kissed her on the cheek without knowing that would be the very last farewell. the whole summer, i kept telling myself to spend more time with her. i think i failed. we didn't even get a chance for an iftar together.

that's the thing when someone dies, you think of things you want to do with the person. now with the person's gone, all you can do is hanging on to the best memories you both had and, cry. from now on, please show some love to your loved ones. cause that's the thing you'll forever regret when they're gone. cause that's the thing i forever regret, of not showing enough.

al-fatihah.may you rest in peace.