Saturday, September 4

I will go down with this ship.

i'm a week lagging behind from my uni schedule. everything that were supposed to be done last week were only finished this week. and i have just realized how amazingly dusty my keyboard is. it might be the same with the brain too. i know i'll be busy with school and i want to enjoy it because it'd be the last time i would be facing immense stress. so i think i'd better savor while it's lasting.

well hello united states again. almost everybody around me is talking about prospective jobs after graduation. am i the only one unsure of proceeding with a career out of my degree? i heard people talking about plans they've made for the next 5 years. of getting hitched, of starting a new life. am i the only one unsure of where life is heading?

time flies. it feels like this year is moving like a rocket that it was only yesterday i made a silent whisper of hopes, while Florida was sparkling with fireworks. no doubt a lot of things happened since then. i think that our mind tend to preoccupied with what's next. the years go by and all we're rushing for is to finish our never ending to do lists until we finally boarded on the exit door to meet God. ain't life would be a waste? spending your whole life thinking of what's next that we forgot to stop and enjoy the moment. what would be five years after will come finally.

i just want to enjoy this journey; which is now the present.