Saturday, September 18


i am a particle of dust blown by wind.

i've been asking myself where i can actually go and buy a bulk of memories. so they will stay. as some of them are now slowly fading. like the picture above, the memory of sinking into good books around campus while waiting for the next class will never exist, if the picture didn't exist.

on a personal note, i think the existence of internet life complicates thing. speculations were made, just because your relationship status on facebook is what, widowed? judgments were done solely based on your facebook status and was warmer back then when you actually have to meet, talk to people in person and ask how they're doing. life now is simply just one click away. so close and simple yet so far. sometimes what you see in the internet life might be a total different from what is happening. well done stalkers, for the speculations made.

saturated with technology, we became the audiences of other people's lives. no, we're actually the actors too. comparing each others life. leaving us sometimes unhappy with ours. the less you know, the better.

well i am a particle of dust, saturated with dusts.