Thursday, August 5

Now and Then

London, winter.

i secretly admire the dreams he had for the future. "What is it in life that keeps you going?" he asked. i couldn't answer him. that's the thing i like about him, he got me thinking.

the moment he passionately told me about his dreams was the moment i dare to have a dream too.

he made a promise to wait for me at the airport when i landed in London, that we're going to take a stroll around Hyde Park and watched a match in Old Trafford. that was a rainy evening 5 years ago when we were both 17, talking about dreams to chase.

5 years later, he waited for me. we walked around the park except that we didn't watch a match at the stadium. it was once a dream. just today, as it was raining and i had my first sip of tea, i remembered how sure he was in making those dreams came true. it happened anyway. we walked. no, we actually ran our talk.

i told you, he has the magic wand.