Tuesday, June 8

My hype machine

Rindu saya selalunya datang berjemaah. Pretty much like a big Christmas box filled with little presents. Banyak sekaligus, in a package.

Having a room all by myself feels a bit awkward cause usually i, sleep in a room with another 2 people;my awesome housemates. Now that i realized i've got no one for a pillow talk before i went to bed.Thank god for the late night calls from France that at least and always makes me feel surreal.

College life will never be the same starting next fall semester. With seniors are now gone, and with me being the senior, it feels a bit awkward too. Given the circumstances, our little weekenders community won't be in a full circle. Who's gonna rock Jaweez's party after this? That's if we had any. Those late night movies, Friday soccer session, and everything else shall be missed. Little did i realize how emotional i can be when it involves my closest confidantes.

I never really have a good rapport with seniors back during schooling days, not to mention how much i hated some of them. But seniors in college bring a whole new definition of seniors i used to paste in my head. With them now absence, things must've been very very different.

Let's see how it goes.