Friday, June 25

Lady Bugg

I slept at 3am for two days in a row, woke up at seven the next day. It's not as what you think, i don't go to work. It's just that my eyes are wide open when morning hits. I feel like a walking talking zombie with a pair of panda eyes, the only difference is, i have emotions which i believe zombies don't.

I can't imagine how it feels to be a celebrity, working with no specific working hours, sometimes till late at night and gotta wake up the next morning all fresh for a photo shoot. I just can't do that. I could be very cranky when i'm sleepy. Funny, how the thought of being a celebrity came into my mind.

Most of my evenings are now spent by reading and watching people, making me miss spending evenings at Saint's Cafe even more. I just can't wait for July, when everyone will be home and my evenings won't be the same anymore.