Monday, June 28

i was once, seventeen.

Dalam banyak2 hari, Sabtu is the day which i love the most. Last Saturday was meant to be hari paling kenyang. Twas a good relaxing evening with a picnic and lotsa catching ups.

You know, it's always good seeing old friends;

Yang pernah sama2 struggle for spm back when everyone was still seventeen.
Yang pernah sama2 lepak bawah pondok tepi longkang waiting for parents to fetch us up every single day after school.
Yang pernah sama2 lepak atas tangga masa rehat, just for the sake of killing times.
Yang pernah sama2 bertenggek di koridor tepi kelas usha junior2 atau senior2 handsome.

I don't wish for memories to come flooded into my mind. They just did anyway.

Now that everyone is turning twenty two, i harap satu je;
kahwin jangan lupa jemput ye.