Wednesday, May 5

In two weeks, baby

Sometimes things appear from thin air. Appear out of nowhere, and leave you confused and dazed. That's the thing about choices. You didn't see it coming, but it appeared like some gust of wind.

Choices. I was left with an almost equally balanced pros and cons option, and that's when i knew i just have to close my eyes and picked whichever which came first, or whoever who's in mind at the moment.

You know it's always easier seeing situations when you're not involved. Or when the person ain't you and the problem isn't yours. Cause your head's not entirely there and none of your decision would affect anything. Trying to put yourself in someone's shoes isn't the same with already be in the shoes. Different. Very.

Plans made but ruined. I have no regret at all as i see smiles, i heard laughter. Priceless. For I can't help to wait for the day to finally arrive.

In two weeks,baby.