Wednesday, April 28

Of breaking this wall

i inhaled him.

i felt the smoke of his voice in my nostrils and the chemicals worked like some magic in my body. it went straight to the heart. i now knew how it felt when my breath was taken away.

then i let out all the words that i've always wanted to say.of happiness, of regret. it felt so good, to not let my words stuck in between the lungs, letting my heart to finally speak. there's always an unending streak of conflict between my heart and head that most of the time, head wins.

i doubt if i ever know how to show passionate love and care. i just think i'm being romantic at heart and that's it. i see it as my weakest point. tell me how can you constantly be in love with a girl who is cold? if i were you, i swear i won't.

i love him. i feel so lucky that despite the ego and uncertainty, i am blissfully loved. i know someday i will utterly unafraid to express the feelings i had for him. one day. let's just wait.

happy birthday love.