Saturday, March 6

It feels so long since we had a real conversation.

I want to paint the wall brown, add some polaroids onto the wall and hang thousand lamps on the ceiling. I want to plant cactus and put it besides the window and and, some bougainvillea on the balcony. I want a rattlesnake as a pet and name her Julie.

Relationship needs huge commitment; a game simply where everyone commits.

But I let my rattlesnake died of hunger. The cactus dried out. I waited for the bougainvillea to bloom all spring, but none of the flowers did. A little care would've change everything, actually. But I am too busy and was carried away by my life to realize that those things are living things too, just like me.

Can I still feed my rattlesnake and bring it to life? Can water actually do some magic to let my bougainvillea be blooming all spring? Or am I just too late?

That's the thing about relationship, really. It needs a huge commitment; a game simply where everyone commits.