Sunday, March 21

Go gaga all night.

Malam ini, buat pertama kali I'll be dancing in public. The last time I was in front of a huge crowd was for a debate and public speaking. Twas like 5 years ago. I am not a good dancer.I'm stiff, well if you want to compare with the other graceful dancing girls.

Tapi apa salahnya kan, I just want to have loads of fun.

Dancing in a concert however is something totally different. No accustomed steps needed, just swinging hands and moving hips side to side accordingly to the rhythm. You are the choreographer and I find it unarguably amusing and addictive.

With the sun shines so bright, it's not a sin to eventually have something pleasure for the stomach; hence the banana caramel crunch ice-cream late yesterday's evening; hence the picture.

Hope that everything will go well, as planned tonight. Dancing in the public is as well in my 100 things to do before grad. So guess that I shall scratch that one out of the list.

Harapkan yang baik-baik saja for tonight please.