Monday, March 29

Ecstasy, baby.

Maybe it's time to start thinking about it, in a more serious way. My ibadah would be more complete, in almost everything perhaps.Saya mahu pahala jemaah 27,compared to just one. Saya mahu setiap perkara yang saya lakukan, dibalas dengan rahmat dia, even if it's just about having him in my thought. Saya mahu dihalal segala. Kalau mungkin fikir tunggu bersedia, I am not sure, how ready is actually ready?

Dulu, I don't feel the need of thinking about this, never crossed in mind. but things,people,surrounding change.I did too. Sekarang, saya rasa perlu. Maybe it's just time,for us.

Bila lagi? Saya pun mahu jadi perempuan solehah. I want to feel complete. I want to feel the greatest 'mawaddah' too, just like you.