Sunday, February 7

Sunday's Rambling.


I hate the smell of the elevator in my apartment I swear for every single weekends. It's presumably smells like Tucker's shit in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Stairs are the alternative choice, kill a helluva calories most of the times. I just can't stand of stepping on the sticky elevator floor. It's so disgusting.

Moving hips side to side to the rhythm of music. Bar.Party.Drinking.Hot chics.Boyfriend; weekends to them. I hate weekend with exams coming. It makes me feel hungry and lazy. I woke up on Sunday morning feeling ready to devour the whole content in the fridge. Sunday makes me feel heavy,unmotivated, thus decided of going to the gym despite the slippery snow.

It's cold outside with a heavy snow on Friday night. Even showering doesn't feel necessary anymore. Monday's coming. I hope someone will clean up the smelly elevator by tomorrow or else I'm gonna puke in it for the sake of puking.

Happy rocking weekdays!