Sunday, February 14

She'll come handy

I'm a Virgo; believed to be emotionally cold on the surface, which I think true in most cases.

I don't easily make friends. I stay in box. I don't talk to people in random, I smile instead. I'm awkward when I first met someone. I do a lot of listening than talking. I hide feelings. I am not a sweet friendly girl on the first date. I come easy and handy with time and space. I am not the girl next door you see daily.

I need you to do the first move, the first step or I'll just stand still and stare. That's how indeed everything started. You did the first move. You make me dance. You broke those walls. You make me easy. You, turned me into a sweet friendly girl on the first date.

A stranger like you make me dance all night.
With time distance and space, now that I miss you stranger.