Friday, February 26

Reality Check

Next week will be busy. Apparently everyone is showing that they are busier than anyone else , competing to be the busiest among others. Everyone has exams coming. So what?

"I've 3 exams coming up"
-"3 je? I've got 4 exams, lab reports due and have to work lagi, masak lagi,laundry lagi "

"Aku takde duit la"
-" Tipu gila. Aku ni lagi takde duit beli tiket flite lagi, travel sana sini lagi "

Negative replies. How can you be a good listener when you are being so pessimist? How can I appreciate talking to you when you turned me down? I don't need those negative vibes. I don't appreciate those kind of replies. I need something positive, inspiring, a good listener.Cukup cukup la nak banding siapa lagi susah.

That's why I seldom talk personal stuff. Lagipun orang bukan suka dengar masalah orang lain. Reality. Quoted from Wani Ardy, "Hidup ini bukan perlumbaan kesedihan" Bukan perlumbaan untuk lihat siapa lagi hebat, bukan juga untuk lihat siapa lagi sengsara.

Relaks cool cool saje ok.
Live strong. Good luck folks.