Saturday, February 6

I know he loves me.

Picture: The white card with the blue print on it is my I94.

You will never going to believe me how much it costs. Tiga ratus dua puluh US dollar. Equals to 1102 ringgit malaysia, untuk sekeping kertas yang boleh melayang bila bila masa.

It's such a ridiculuos price for a plain paper like that, which I nearly lost today. Twas found missing and I already made a calculation on where to find the money for that, made a plan of going to New York & US immigration this spring break for the replacement.

Oh my my,

I swear I felt like crying. It's never easy living in a foreign country without someone who you called mom and dad. I looked for the card like a crazy mad woman, selongkar sana sini.

I swear I'm lucky cause God sent it back and put it in my drawer; that's what I believe. I found it before my first tears were able to drop, deminishing all the worries but brought joy.

How thankful I am. How thankful I should be.

I know God loves me.Hehehe