Sunday, January 24

This is not a love story.

I always love cold shower, no matter if it's winter or summer.

It makes me feel alive, that I would always dance under the shower, wrapped in those beautiful bubbles. Like the music box dancer in white lace gown. Continuous and graceful.

So, I just watched 500 days of summer,couple minutes ago. I know I'm a tad late.

I don't quite understand what's in summer's mind. Holding hands and kissing in a copy room. Obviously that's not the way how you would treat a friend. An ordinary friend.

If you don't love somebody,why did you build up the spider web and left him/her tangled up in your love? You got to set him/her free. Why did you give hope in the first place and suddenly burnt all the dreams down? That's harsh and rather selfish, I think.

I'm sorry but I just can't help it, as my feelings towards love and faith are always mutual.

I am in need of good movies. Any suggestions?