Tuesday, January 5

A lucid dream.

Those last two weeks was inexplicably nice.

For that brief yet seemingly sweet escapade week, it was almost seemed surreal. The fact that having endless of him on sight was fantastic. Yet I've always been aware that one day all those comfort will go away. He's temporary yet full while I'm content but warned.

That's how things work for us.

So the first part of this wonderful journey begins on Sunday in New York. A rendezvous in Manhattan with boyfriend coming all the way from France. A weekend devoted to him, catching up each others' lives. No masks, no facades.

Come North Carolina where I'd say enough to satisfy the need of my obsession towards One Tree Hill. Saw River Court from far but enough to picture the scene in my head. Next was Orlando, where the fear of roller coaster was diminished by 10% in Universal Studio.

Of all the places, Miami treats me very well. I fall for the place in just a sudden. You name it, the weather, the place, the beach, the people, everything except the hostel we're leaving in where six people packed in a small room. Twas rather I called experience.

Hello two zero one zero, even it's a tad late. New year eve was simply simple and sweet with fireworks watching in Universal Studios and big, good food in a Chinese buffet restaurant.

Have I told you I met Mickey Mouse & Cinderella my childhood dream in Disney World? Twas exciting.

I know words ain't enough to do all the tales which explains why I kept everything in my memory jar so everything will stay vivid, pretty much like a lucid dream.

Well Hello reality, I am back.