Tuesday, December 8

So Sally can wait.

I tend to be here mostly either when I'm in disguise of my rotten luck or in ecstasy, flying high above the cloud nine.

Prolly as they are two best moments where my heart would go all retro or techno.

I want it to finish now. Fast. I want it to finish fast, as fast and as much as I want to pack up things, go out of this small town, heading somewhere in south, wait for my lover and leaving no traces behind.

I cleaned up my desktop and putting up the most sensible wallpaper of an island with a white sandy beach, cold bluish water. Sumpah I feel like jumping into my laptop screen seconds after staring at it. Just looking at it gives me some breezy feelings how there is still a place on earth as magical as this.

I deleted some old stuff too, to stop me from being a reminiscing fool. Memories. How does it feels to delete memories, just like that? Can it actually be done?

On the other note, I wish I had a remote where I can oddly push stop, rewind or delete buttons. Whichever scene in my life.

With you lover,it's neither delete nor fast forward. It would always be a pause. A comfortable silent pause.

Cause I don't need a conversation, I don't need giggles.I just want to sit and stare at you.

Kamu, lagi 11 kali putaran Bumi ku tunggu.