Monday, November 16

Mungkin Nanti.

2 friends left for good in a month, middle of this year. Pretty and healthy. Young but dead.

That's the thing. Life is full of surprises. Semalam we were chatting,talking and laughing, the next day I got the shocking news. I saw you smiling, you asked me how's life going on after school and all, the next day you are leaving. Gone.

Janji Tuhan, satu hari nanti pasti di sisi Dia juga tempat kita semua.

Some of my friend's dad or mom left too recently. I hope they stay strong. I know it's hard when you are thousand miles apart and can do nothing except praying and pretending everything is just fine. Keep holding on. Cry if you think that's the best.There's nothing wrong of crying. It doesn't mean you are weak. Let it out.

I think life is just too short for us to worry over small stuff.

It's too beautiful to think hard of tiny little problems, too precious to keep your hatred towards somebody. Start forgiving people. Start taking easy. You'll feel the difference.

I'm starting to appreciate, enjoying every single day I had. Cause tomorrow might be different. You've got no idea what will happen.

Who knows maybe tomorrow is going to be your last day.Wallahualam