Tuesday, November 24

You make me go Oh-Oh.

I love today,except that I feel a bit malfunction.

Konflik dalam diri sendiri dan jasad. Sounds funny. It is funny, but 40% of my brain is dedicated to this little funny malfunction part.Let's just forget about it.


I love today.
It started with a brisk walking in a misty rain in a fall morning. I looked up.No sunshine, no clouds. Just a very big clear skies lying, spreading his arms.

The morning isn't perfect with no violet lavender scent or dandelions waving along with the wind. It is cold but bearable. I think those flaws makes it beautiful,makes it memorable.

First, it's the breakfast with the girlfriends in the cute,homey,little waffle shop in downtown. I love the hard and strong smell of my hot decaf coffee and the mysterious sweet smell of maple syrup. Went strolling around the quite downtown. Bowling all day long came after and finished our day with a dinner in College Buffet.

A great companion.
It was indeed a beautiful day.