Thursday, November 26

Jellyfish in a jar

Hampir 90 peratus perkara/ benda/ atau apa apa saja yang berlaku perlu kita tahu tentang cerita sebenar. It irks me when people become judgemental over something, or rather when I become judgemental towards you, without knowing enough what actually happened.

Lumrah. Yang pakai baju hitam belang kuning, seluar hijau pucuk pisang, rokok sebatang di bibir itu akan dicop gila. Semudah itu,hanya kerana manusia adalah satu makhluk yang sangat mudah membuat kesimpulan pada hanya satu imbasan.

Pernah terfikir yang mungkin berbaju belang, berseluar hijau itu most prolly color-blinded? How effing wrong and guilty you are for you to ever think he's insane. Things happen for a reason, always. That's what I believe.Hence, I am begging for the truth but not to the extend where you would feel nakedly naked, enough when it's at least comprehendible. So I won't look at you again absent-mindedly cruel, like an old woman losing her husband in a war.

How far would you go to protect a secret? Hanna Schmitz chose to be in jail for the rest of her life rather than telling the truth that she was an illiterate, in the roller coaster of complex emotions movie, The Reader. How ironic. How egoistic.

I'm not here to tell you faux feeling I had for you. Cause I'm the old woman looking at you absent-mindedly, starving for truth.