Saturday, November 7

Another girl alone in the bar.

This week has been a drag and eventually next week will feel like forever.

Tell me have you ever feel like talking to a stranger?

I do.I wish there's someone who don't know my name,where I came from,don't know that milk tea boba is my current obsession,don't have a clue that I listen to Athlete and Default and how my tears rained down to My Sister's Keeper.

Someone who is a total stranger.

Let out everything that keeps on bugging. Sharing thoughts. Dancing like there's no tomorrow. Tell the darkest secret you've been keeping all this while. Tell the most sinful sin you've done that you regret for all your life.

When you feel like talking to someone, answer me, who would you call?

This is crap.

I'm just having pre-exams crazy syndromes with 2 papers waiting for next week and to rewind, 3 were done last week.

Awesome.Now I feel special.