Tuesday, October 20

Your skin is like a porcelain.

It takes two to tango.

You can't do it alone cause it will always takes two,always.
I am amazed by people who can change love like changing diapers, trading love like trading cigarettes.

Was once asked what is building up love and I am clueless.
I fell in love, am in love, want to be in love.

God and me.You and her.She and him.Mother and son.Father and daughter. We are all in love.

Tapi cinta kamu kepada dia atas dasar apa. Cinta, suka suka atau nafsu?

Kamu sayang dia tapi bila dia bilang dia suka Jennifer Love Hewitt, terus kamu tarik muka.He loves you in skirt and high heels, but you turned him down by wearing sneakers and jeans.

Perlu ke bila bercinta perlu ada taste yang sama? You order mango smoothies so I want to follow youuu. You wear red so mine must be red too. I watch Glee so you have to check it out too.

We have each other so we can rule the world. You and me and we have a room for two. You and me so lets us swim in the deep sea of blanket. Discover me discovering you. Your skin is like a porcelain. Your lips smells like strawberry.Ini semua nafsu.

You are a sinner.
So now tell me where did you put your love to God and parents. Last on the list that you make your lusts go on top?

You are a sinner.
You said you found God but how strong is your love to Him?