Monday, October 19

Mencari miracle

In not more than 60 minutes, an exam is waiting.

Have read all the chapters and I just can't take it anymore for my eyes feel like blind whenever I try to read them all again, for my head feels like spinning. No more. Not anymore.

Minta pada Tuhan, moga-moga diberi kesenangan sebentar lagi, dibukakan pintu hati dan minda. Diturunkan malaikat penjaga memberi hidayah jawapan mana yang patut dipilih atau ditembak bom bom bom ala kaboom.

It is going to be around 65 questions in not more than 50 minutes. Choices are from A all the way to J.
So, guess I'm going to have so much fun picking up the answers hell yeah, playing around with A B C D E F G H I and J.

May the force be with me.
May the miracle comes.
May angels lead me.

A miracle is needed.