Sunday, October 25

I know what is going on.

My Friday was a long day. I walked out from the door into the chilly breeze of autumn morning and came back to find myself soaked up in a drizzling dark night with unpleasant smell of the soggy soil.

It's good that I don't have any exam coming up next week. This is my only weekend where I can sleep as much as I want without thinking of the shit load burden of school. I've been restless and running around the clock and it feels so long that I haven't had a real good night sleep.

Living in this body, in this girl's body, in my body, is never easy. Some jeans and shirts are left unworn, no longer able to accommodate this figure I'm currently carrying. Yes, an imagination of a pile of clothes stacked in a box,untouched,covered with dusts is helpful, in case if you need to picture the whole idea.

It is no joke, neither a complain, nor a frustration. It is a wake up call.
Surrounded by people who are attentive enough to notice a slight change is great. Now that at least I know. Few told the truth, knock me to do something with that. Few keep on teasing. Few has been supportive.

Hence, I call this as perfection.

Thank you people for letting me know.

in the picture: Kim Kardashian, Just Jared