Thursday, October 8

Hari hari Seorang Perempuan.

Saat ini, waktu ini, detik ini.

Black out. Blank. Black. I am staring at the wall, it stares back at me, emptily, blankly.

I rearly express the feelings and the emotions here. Maybe I'm just too good at keeping it. But here,this moment,I want to let it out.

Dalam hari hari seorang perempuan, datang satu waktu bila mana emosi celaru. Tapi saat ini, waktu ini, detik ini, adalah bukan waktu itu. Tapi kenapa perasaan itu datang? Distraction hit me hard.

I listened to the Passion Pit-Let Your Love Grow Tall trying to chill and let loose a little,which makes me feel like speeding up in the highway driving with the windows down, let the wind blow through my face, fading all these whatever feeling, enjoying the sweet sunny sun.

Or listen to Lifehouse-Everything while driving in the cold, dark night where there is no company except the moon, where the roof top is open so I can witness the sparkling lights coming from the stars.Drive in the cold till I shiver.Till these whatever feeling go away.

I wish. I wish. I wish. I wish.
They are satisfaction.Speed carries me away.

My energy were all drained out. The week sucked them with no mercy. I am done with the exams. But why is the feeling didn't want to go away? Why does it choose to stay?

I need good music, good company, good rest.
A good getaway.A good speedy race.