Sunday, September 27

Soggy and sad Happy Valley

A cold shower in a cold night after soaking wet in the rain is great. It's refreshing. It makes me feel alive.

The fruity scent coming from my hair makes me want to curl up in the comforter all night long, in comfort of my bed where no place on Earth can replace.

State College is soggy, chilly and cold tonight. We lost to Iowa, leaving this town dead. I was walking alone in the downtown under the rain to see the sad faces of Happy Valley.

I'm not a huge fan of American football, or maybe not yet. But this time around, I can feel the disappointment. It's so obvious.

This city I'm living in revolves around Patternoville, Joe Pa, "I bleed Blue& White" & Nittany Lion, where daily conversation revolves around football, where they have this small cafe I'm working in called Joegies where most of the pictures hanging on the wall showing the glory of Penn State football. They even have a sandwich called Nittany Lion.

Yes, they are that fanatic.
So when we lost, we're overwhelmed with sadness and upset.


I can barely open my eyes, dreams are shouting calling my name. Should be sleeping by now.
Good night sad Happy Valley, promise me a smile tomorrow,ok?